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Lose weight the easy way with Easy HCG
Homeopathic HCG
Weight Loss Tracker/Regimen
HCG Recipe Guide
Custom Calorie Plan Included

Easy HCG

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Easy HCG is the top rated HCG brand, offering a homeopathic option with a money back guarantee. Simply put, you can’t beat Easy HCG; it is the top product on the market for oral HCG diets today. Easy HCG can help a customer burn between 1500 and 2000 calories per day, which will translate into 1-2 pounds lost each and every day one is on their program. The Easy HCG product includes a handful of helpful vitamins as well as the fat-loss formula, and comes with guides to help instruct anyone who may be looking to shed those unwanted pounds. Without question the homeopathic solution is the top opportunity on the market. Customers who have tried Easy HCG have come back with reviews stating how simple and easy it was for them to lose weight; the additional ingredients that compensated for the reduced caloric intake helped those who were losing weight remain active. The price for the first 30 days is only $88.94, when you use the coupon code “easy20off”. Normally once you get over the first 30 days you would have to reorder, and the ding that takes out of your pocketbook can be significant. With Easy HCG, however, you can have a 60-day supply for the same price it costs most of the other guys to give you a 30-day supply.

They use an oral HCG product advertised to help individuals lose weight and maintain weight loss. They offer a money back guarantee as well as a claim that they are the premier oral product available on the market today.

What is HCG?

HCG is a hormone that female bodies produce naturally during pregnancy.  Human Chorionic  Gonadotropin causes the hypothalamus in the brain to into using stored body fat for energy. The effect of this process is that the body does not crave as much food and the individual does not feel as hungry.  Introducing HCG into a low calorie diet is important to help the individual withstand the impact of the associated diet of only 500 calories per day.hcg drops dieting success

Easy HCG is an Oral Homeopathic Product

Easy HCG is composed of a liquid that the user places under the tongue, in the form of drops.  The manufacturers of the product prefer this method of delivery, claiming that their oral diet drops are more rapidly absorbed into the user’s system this way.  When used correctly and in conjunction with the associated 500 calorie per day diet, the manufacturer claims they can help an individual burn between 3000 and 4000 calories of stored fat each day.  This, according to the product’s website, translates into a weight loss of approximately 1 to 2 pounds per day

The ingredients in Easy HCG are homeopathic, which is a historically proven methodology for delivering substances into the human body.  The ingredients listed include HCG, Arginine, L-Carnitine, Ornithine, and Vitamin B12.

What Consumers can expect from Easy HCG

When a consumer purchases their product, they will receive an eBook called “Easy HCG Diet Instructions”.  There are over 35 pages contained in the eBook, and it covers every detail you may need to know about the diet. For instance, the instructions included with the program cover what you will need to get started on the program, a list of approved foods, detailed instructions for the four phases of the program, and an example menu.

Resources and Service

The website features a live chat application as well as a comprehensive list of the contact options on the website that includes a physical address in Provo, Utah, a toll-free number and email contact. The customer support is filled with diet experts who are available even on saturdays and into the night.


The amount an individual can spend on Easy HCG depends upon their overall weight loss goals and how much they want to invest in the beginning of the program.  According to the website, a 15-day supply of the product is $79.99.  You can double that to a 30-day supply for only $20.00 more, for a total of $99.00.  To invest in the 60-day program to lose 40 or more pounds, it costs $149.99. However, many buy the 60 day to split with a friend which essentially saves them money.

Easy HCG Guarantee

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<p>Lose weight the easy way with Easy HCG
Homeopathic HCG</p>
<ul><li>2oz HCG 15-day supply</li>
<li>Weight Loss Tracker/Regimen</li>
<li>HCG Recipe Guide</li>
<li>Custom Calorie Plan Included</li></ul>
1 Bottle (2 oz)

15 day supply

<p>Lose weight the easy way with Easy HCG
Homeopathic HCG</p>
<ul><li>4oz HCG 30-day supply</li>
<li>Weight Loss Tracker/Regimen</li>
<li>HCG Recipe Guide</li>
<li>Custom Calorie Plan Included</li></ul>
2 Bottles (4 oz)

30 day supply

<p>Lose weight the easy way with Easy HCG
Homeopathic HCG</p>
<ul><li>8oz HCG 60-day supply</li>
<li>Weight Loss Tracker/Regimen</li>
<li>HCG Recipe Guide</li>
<li>Custom Calorie Plan Included</li></ul>
4 Bottles (8 oz)

60 day supply


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All major credit cards and Paypal accepted