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Your HCG

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Weight loss has become an increasingly large problem among the global population. For some individuals, it is hard to see the benefits from dieting and exercising. Because of this, many individuals become discouraged and doubtful to the prospect that substantial weight loss is an actual possibility. One proven weight loss method is the HCG Diet.

What is HCG?

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that is secreted by the female placenta during pregnancy to ensure the health and growth of the fetus. The HCG tells the hypothalamus to release the stored fat energy in the woman’s body to nourish the fetus. When a person who is not pregnant, male or female, introduces HCG into the their system, the hypothalamus is “tricked” into releasing the stored fat, thereby resulting in continued, steady weight loss.

What is Your HCG?Your HCG Drops

Your HCG is a homeopathic formula that is administered orally, like many other similar products. This product is offered a variety of different packages ranging anywhere from a 15 day to a 60 day package.

The company was founded by Jaime Edmund and her husband. She has a background in the medical profession and he was a successful Internet Marketer. They claim to have the original HCG online reselling company in existence.

What Consumers can expect from Your HCG?

When consumers order the drops, they will receive help aides to assist them while on the HCG diet program. This includes the a comprehensive diet protocol based upon Dr. Simeons’ original protocol with the original manuscript, “Pounds and Inches”, website subscription access to menu and meal planners, tips and other site members for social support, and a weight loss tracker.

Resources and Service

We also offers lifetime support before, during and after one reaches their goal weight. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee with all HCG Plans that are purchased.


The cost of the HCG Diet Program varies depending on which one you choose to purchase. Each diet is designed to help you in specific ways depending on how much weight you are looking to loose. The 15-day program is $89.99, the 30-day program is 119.99, the 45-day program is $159.99 and the 60-day program is $199.99.

Because of the price and the complicated return guarantee, Your HCG earns only 4 out of a possible 10 review points.

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